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Case Study

Date: 11/1/2022
Category: Solutions Engineering
Project: Power Circuit Breaker Monitoring and Usage Reporting
Role: Solutions Architect, Database Design, Electrical Engineering, .NET Application Development.

Project Problem came to us to resolve a problem where several colocation customers were using too much power. To our surprise Wavestar Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) was installed with out any interface.

The PDI BCMS power panels provided a modbus connection that we could interfaced to TCP/IP. With no monitoring systems in place, we needed to:

  • build a windows service interface to periodical reading modbus controllers and log the data to a database.
  • The system will need to track power usage for thousands of circuits terminated to hundreds of server cabinets.

Since the 5000 sq. ft. data center was outfitted with PDI Wavestar ModBus controllers all we needed to do was build a secure web application to interface with modbus.

PDI BCMS Connection
ModBus BCMS Connection

Project Solution

DCMS - Data Center Management Systems

To encompass the solution a management system was designed to not only address the power usage but to provide multiple data center monitoring functions. The Data Center Management System (DCMS) web app was design and created to manage the user and customer accounts. .net identity Roles managed access to modules or features. Several modules comprised the core of the application.

  • Branch Circuit management (BCM)
  • Customer Account Manager
  • Systems Account Manager
  • .NET Core web application (DCMS) with ASP user identity accounts
  • Email reporting system - user and customer management
  • Circuit management - polling management
  • Security Camera management and viewing module - temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Designed and built custom Linux based monitoring devices
  • NOC Dashboards to display real time result on the dashboards in DCMS.
  • DCMS core functions - Windows Services were built to poll six ModBus power controllers over TCP/IP.
  • DCMS PDI Circuit Panel CT Connections
DCMS PDI Circuit Panel CT Connections
PDI Circuit Panel with CT Connectors
DCMS ModBus Design
DCMS ModBus Floor Plan

Project Deliverables

For facilities systems interfacing, a custom-built raspberry PI CM4 device called Intelesense, was created to monitor the facility’s binary fault systems.

Intelesense, monitors the status of open/closed circuits for CRAC units, Generators, UPS power backup, water sensors, temp sensors, and fire systems.

Status is periodically reported on dashboards over Modbus and MQTT.

Panel Manager
DCMS PDI Panel Manager
DCMS Account Manager
DCMS Account Manager
DCMS Power Flow
DCMS Power Flow
DCMS NOC Dashboard
DCMS NOC Dashboard 1
DCMS Power Usage Reports
DCMS Power Usage Reports

Project Bonus

A legacy Pelco 12 camera system was not in use so we created a module to view the cameras in the NOC

DCMS Security Monitoring
DCMS Security Camera Settings
Intelevice ModBus LoraGate Ethernet WiFi Gateway
Intelevice LoRaGate ModBus BCMS Prototype

Bonus Modules

Going beyond the initial project scope...

Intelesense Prototype

Intelevice is hardware an add on that monitors the facility systems and provides fault alerts. Intelevice monitors the facilities power generators, fire circuits, UPS systems, and CRAC Units (Air Conditioners). Intelevice replace a legacy telephonic dial-up monitoring device.

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