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Case Study

Date: 8/13/2022
Category: Application Development
Project: A Search Engine of search engines
Role: Pro Bono, Solutions Engineering, Application Design & Product Development

Project Problem & are two pro bono projects we took on provide a better search platform and to reduce the steering of big tech.

It began over a discussion about biased search engine results and how targeted advertisements dominate the page which essentially steers the user form the initial search thus wasting time and potentially resources, namely employees.

Search results, from most if not all engines, clearly illustrate that the intent is to target and steer people into clicking an ad which is one of the main reasons for the incredible growth of many big tech stocks.

Since the free version of Windows 10 was pushed onto the public back in 2015, Microsoft Bing, has become deeply imbedded into all Window’s operating systems, which is most likely related to the, big brother, antitrust trials of the late 90`s.

The challenge was to legally disrupt and break up big tech media coxswaining so the user can find what they are searching for with less distractions and also to give the personal computer back to the user.

Microsoft stock growth chart since 2015

Project Solution

The solution was to either build a new search engine from scratch and / or create a multi-search engine.

For analysis purposes and to simplify the research process, a multi-search engine was built to view multiple search engines, side-by-side, on one page. While compiling a list of search engines, several new search engines providers were found and realized that a multi-search engine would provide a better search with all simular engines instead on one.

With a new direction, was expanded to search over 700+ search engines, spread across 16+ categories from conventional search engines, to news search engines, to thesaurus and dictionary search engines and more. - The Search Engine of search engines.

As a proving ground and to provide a cleaner non-biased search, was also built. Over 168 million domains are currently being indexed across all 1500 plus top-level domains. The non .com domains were crawled first during the build phases and are being followed up with the .com, .net and .org domains.

Both search engines can easily replace the default search engine for any browser or operating system.

Project Deliverables

Introducing,, the Search Engine of search engines.

Give Analyzn a try for yourself and follow the Google Antitrust trials at > Google antitrust.

Analyzn Google Antitrust
Introducing,, a non-biased Search Engine.

Give a try for yourself and follow the Google Antitrust trials at > Google antitrust.

Surchin Google Antitrust
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