Biomertic Hand Punch Time Clock Solution

Case Study

Date: 7/1/2008
Category: Systems Integration
Project: Biometric Hand Punch Time Clock Solution
Role: Solution Architect, Application Developer, Solutions Architect, Network Engineer, Systems, Engineer, Security Engineer

Project Problem

Manual Punch Card

The Client, P&C Poultry - a large food processor, had a problem where employees were clocking their friends in to work when they were not there; also known as "buddy punching".

A secondary issue was the time it took to process the time cards for ADP payroll.

Project Solution

Biometric Time Clock Management

To reduce man hours and management an Active Directory integrated .NET Win Forms Web Management Site, was created for site administration, employee management, time clock management, and ADP payroll reporting service. SQL Server reporting services was added to provide additional web reporting for business intelligence.

Active directory GPO provided secure access to confidential areas for HR and upper management. The solution was designed, develop and built using Visual Studio C# ASP .NET Web Forms with AD authentication, IIS and SQL Server.

Biometric Time Clock were installed to eliminate the "buddy punching" issue, bio-metric hand recognition time clocks were chosen to authenticated the employees shift start and stop.

Manual Punch Card

Project Deliverables

ADP Slage 4000e Hand punch time clocks

A Dell server was installed and joined to Active directory with Microsoft SQL Server, IIS Web Server and a .NET Service to periodically poll the biometric time clocks.

The windows service polled the hand punch time clocks on a schedule and logged the data in a SQL table.Over 600 employees were trained and enrolled on the usage of the system. A manual on the use of the new time clock system was created and handed out to all employees.

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